Organizational Culture

CGAgeo respects and values all its employees, as it is recognized that they represent the most important assets of the company. We also believe that excellent results can only be attained via professionals who are motivated and committed to company strategies.

We respect our entire chain of suppliers and commercial partners, given that ethics and an anti-corruption policy are included in our values.
Our activities are developed adopting the best procedures regarding respect for the environment and sustainability principles.


Aid our clients in satisfying their requirements, presenting them with the best possible solutions for meeting their needs.


To be a company that provides solutions in line with the real needs of the client, striving for a high degree of cost effectiveness and respecting agreed deadlines.


Commitment: all commitments undertaken with clients are duly met.
Ethics: an inherent part of our activities is respect for human beings, the environment and current legislation.
Quality: our activities are developed by duly qualified technical personnel, with adequate resources and in compliance with applicable standards and legislation.
Teamwork: our work is performed in an integrated manner, involving professionals in different fields, given that exchange of knowledge and experience is not only considered to be important, but also essential for obtaining the best solutions.
Knowledge: we strive to constantly improve and update our knowledge, in order to define the best solutions for challenges that arise.


Quality Policy

“CGAgeo has the objective of providing environmental services with quality, transparency and innovation, in compliance with sustainable development and social responsibility principles, meeting the real expectations and needs of our clients, stockholders, employees, suppliers and communities.
We strive for continuous improvement regarding the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, based on the ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 and ABNT NBR ISO 9001 standards, and all other processes, through compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to our business, preventing, in the development of our activities, pollution, hazards, risks, work incidents and accidents and occupational diseases, promoting safe and healthy environments, as well as the development and capacitation of our employees, and ensuring familiarity with and assessment of documents comprising the Quality Management System.
Our values are defined by commitment, ethics, quality, teamwork and know-how, with a view to promoting our sustainable growth.”


CGAgeo Meio Ambiente e Geologia Ltda.
Rua Dr. Luiz Migliano, 1986, CJ 2708
Morumbi - São Paulo/SP
Phone numbers.: +55 11 3739.3379 | 3740.2600