dest home mercado imobiliarioReal estate market: we develop a range of activitiesfocusing on the real estate market, fully complying with the items established by State Decree n° 59.263/13, aiding developers and construction companieswith respect to approval of reuse projects at CETESB, the Caixa Econômica Federaland other government or financing agencies.

dest home industriaIndustries: we provide support for national and multinational industrieswith regard to licensing processes, environmental compliance, deactivation and decommissioning, meeting all necessary technical requirements established by the environmental agency concerned, or other internal and external stakeholders.

residuosSolid waste management: we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are able to assist industries, government agencies and other sectors of society in the complete management of their industrial and urban wastes, consistently ensuring sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

dest home sustentabilidadeSustainability: incorporating sustainability in business strategiespositions corporations in the forefront in the eyes of the market, investors, clients, society and other stakeholders, demonstrating commitment, transparency and social and environmental responsibility. In the current scenario of scarcity of natural economic resources and consequent social impacts, CGAgeooffers the tools necessary for supporting your company and preparing it for implementation of this strategy and positioning it on this new market.


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